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My mission is to nurture an inclusive environment from childhood to adulthood, illuminating the potential in every young person of color, showing them that they belong and that success is within their grasp.”

– Shawna Young

Shawna Young is a versatile leader, entrepreneur, educator, and speaker dedicated to empowering diverse communities.


For more than twenty years, Shawna Young has been dedicated to creating pathways for growth and success within communities of color across all age groups. Having served as the Interim CEO of Ada Developers Academy and through her groundbreaking initiatives like the Onyx Black Wealth Collective, Mo-saiq, Forward Impact Academy, and the Black Computer Science Network (BCSN), Shawna has passionately crafted endeavors aimed at nurturing potential and building lasting legacies.

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Bright, Talented & Black: Educator Edition

Excerpt from ‘Bright, Talented & Black: Educator Edition’

Black people are smart and inquisitive problem solvers and innovators. This statement does not negate these attributes in other racial groups, but it does affirm it for one of the most historically deprived groups of Americans – Black children. I make this statement after spending almost twenty-five years in education and talent development; matriculating at Howard University, UNC-Chapel Hill, and MIT; and serving as a science teacher, mentor, and nonprofit leader. Whether my work was focused on STEM education, giftedness, or creative computing, each school or organization had to directly address a similar societal issue: there are stark historical differences in educational access based on students’ racial and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Speech has the power to transcend generations. I look forward to being part of that transformative experience for your audience!”

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Shawna brings a powerful message of breaking barriers, fostering inclusion, and empowering communities. Her unique journey and unwavering dedication to these causes make her the ideal choice to inspire and engage your audience. Your event will be both meaningful and unforgettable, leaving a lasting impression on all who attend. Don’t miss the opportunity to have Shawna Young as a catalyst for change at your event!

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